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Click on the 'showstudio' button to watch a short film about the making of the animatronic dresses I worked on for Hussein Chalayans 2007 Paris Show. You'll have to wait till near the end to see me in action !

(20 mins)


Click on the 'youtube' button to watch a short  film showing the Hussein Chalayan animatronic dresses in action at the 2007 Paris show with commentary from the man himself.  NB: the end of this film reveals a naked lady !  so you will have to click a button to confirm your birthdate.

(2.05 mins long)

Click on this 'youtube' button to watch an admittedly surreal film shot at Disney land with 'Madame Pottine' wearing the Teapot Dress I made for the German version of the stage musical Beauty and the Beast.

(2.24 mins long)


Click on this 'you tube' button to watch the Scarecrow costume I made for a Weetabix advert.  

(0.59 mins long)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbzYM0sIZcM Teapot Dress on Stage Hussein Chalayan 9 Chalayan Film Still P1010153 Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 07.45.32

Click on this 'youtube' link to see the dress I made for semi finalist Rosie O'Sullivan on Britains Got Talent 2013.