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       Window Displays and Installations  

Harvey Nics Display 1 P1010036 P1010037

Christian Louboutin - Harvey Nicols - London                                                               

Reinforced with buckram, the bow was sewn together and installed on site.

Christian Louboutin Shop Paris Louboutin Little Egg 2 Louboutin Little Egg 2

Christian Louboutin Store - Paris

Resin shells were sprayed, padded and                                                       buttoned

The exterior was embellished  with gold embroidery and the edges were braided

Louboutin 14 Louboutin Large Egg 4

The original Louboutin egg was 'human' sized and made for the shop window in                           Knightsbridge, London.

Faberge Egg 8 Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 22.10.48 Mini Faberge 6:08

* Made at Asylum Modelmakers

* Made at Asylum Modelmakers

Christian Louboutin Store -  London

Louboutin Press Cutting Vi Spring Trade Show 1 Vi Spring Trade Show 2 Vi Spring Trade Show 3 Vi Spring Trade Show 5

Vi-Spring Trade Show - Monte Carlo

Bed Dressings Made and hung for the annual trade show.

Vi Spring Trade Show 4 Dulwich Inst 1 Dulwich Inst 2 P1010001

Bedroom Installation - Dulwich

Private Commission

* Made at Asylum Modelmakers